NEATO tool kit wins at The SEMA Show 2019

SEMA is a journey that starts way before your feet land in line to collect your exhibitor’s pass. For most industry people, it’s a dream just to attend The SEMA Show at least once in their life.

When I first met Brian from he asked me, Terry where do you see your invention in the market? I replied, at The SEMA Show, this is where true innovation is embraced by an industry of professionals surrounded by a history of people being at the top of their game.

In 2018 we exhibited NEATO with (trial 1) T1 of the tooling and found the reception was amazingly respectful with challenging questions that we were prepared to answer with factual answers. The reason for so many questions is because NEATO is so innovative that it visually makes people start working through their minds thoughts instantly trying to compare NEATO’s physical look with something else, then they transition into memories of pain points where they could have ultimately used NEATO’s functionality to benefit their situation over the years.

Within 12 months I went back to The SEMA Show with a boxed manufactured product, we entered NEATO into the new products category to find that we are up against 3000 other highly competitive products backed by multi-million dollar companies with dedication for their chance to win just one award… then an Aussie 100% owned start up like us walked away winner 2 awards, absolutely amazing!!!

(Being at the SEMA Show in 2018 was like winning the super bowl for my team and I, coming back in 2019 and winning 2 awards was like going a whole season undefeated and winning the super bowl back to back ) it was an experience that I have found difficult to convey with the right words to respectfully tell the whole feeling of love I have for this life’s experience that I have been able to enjoy so far…

A big part of this achievement respectfully goes to my team, see it takes 1 person to have an idea… then it takes an amazing team to work their skills and passion, bringing it all together with a common goal.

I am a big believer that teams win premierships and our team has won the biggest respect in the tool industry by winning 2 awards from the industry leaders at The SEMA Show.

After 6 1/2 Years from when Brian and I first met, NEATO is manufactured ready to expand across the world giving people a much need three extra hands. Buy your NEATO now at

The full dedication behind NEATO from everyone involved has my highest respects!

This is just some of the people behind NEATO’s success so far

Plus many many more family & friends

“The universe writes better stories than we can ever imagine”

Kindest Regards,

Terry Scott – Owner